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SmartKnit seamless socks

Proven to help prevent skin problems under plastic braces

High Stretch Lycra spandex yarns conform to the leg

Reduces skin pressure points due to wrinkles

Provides a total contact fit inside the closely fitting brace

Specifically sized for orthosis use

SmartKnit socks are also long enough to extend beyond the top of the braces

The socks are made on specialized knitting equipment that knits a completely
seamless toe.  These socks HUG your feet comfortably like a protective
second skin.

SmartKnit socks reduce pressure over the toes caused by sock seams

All day comfort

Four sizes available                              
Infant               2” x 9"
Child Small      2.25” x 11”
Child Regular  2.5” x 14”
Child Large/Adult Small 3" X 18"
Child X-Long    2.75” x 20”
X-STATIC silver fiber protect skin by “wicking away”  perspiration to keep
skin cooler and dryer within the confinement of the braces, especially in
warm weather. This sock is also effective for killing bacteria that causes skin
rash and odor problems.

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Infant AFO Socks 3 pack
Only available in Silver/Gray
Save even more... order 3 pairs!
Child's Small & Regular AFO Socks / 3 pair
Children's Infant, Small, and Regular AFO Socks

$14.00 per pair or 3 pair for $39.00

Child's Large/Adult Small and Extra Long AFO Socks

$ 18.00 per pair or 3 pair for $ 50.00